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Western University Secretariat

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Western University Secretariat

Results - Academic Pension Board - May 2020

Turnout: 341 (14.9%) of 2281 electors voted in this ballot.

Academic Staff Pension Board - 2 Seats

Option Votes
FOERSTER, STEPHEN – Professor, Ivey Business School 196 (31.5%)
KOTSOPOULOS, DONNA – Professor, Department of Management and Organizational Studies, Huron University College and Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Western 143 (23.0%)
PATEL, SAURIN Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School 104 (16.7%)
SHEIKH, SHAHBAZ – Associate Professor, DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies 102 (16.4%)
MACARTHUR, CARL – Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law 78 (12.5%)

Total 341
Abstain 1 (0.3%)

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